An extremely effective antiseptic product;

CLEANING & HYGIENIZING HAND GEL ensures accurate cleaning of the hands with balanced and effective formula. It eliminates bacteria and germs without drying out the skin. It doesn’t need to rinse.

Way of use: put a sufficient amount of product on your hands and rub until completely dry. No-rinse.

Active Principles:

  • ALCOHOL DENAT: Fast sanitizer for effective hand cleaning.
  • GLYCERIN: emollient and protective moisturizer, keeps the skin soft.

All over spray with sanitizing action for hands and body is suitable for quick use. Also suitable for small surfaces. He also thought of some devices that are essential to protect customers and store staff.


  • Column for Hand Sanitizing Gel to allow customers to sanitize their hands inside the store.
  • Protective barrier in Plexiglas for points of sale that carry out the OPI manicure service (also available without logo for other areas eg cash desks, reception …).