Sifarma has developed unique expertise within its team to which it owes its position as leader in specialized distribution channels.

A series of complementary services helps clients to achieve high standards of quality.
Sifarma’s services are organised into specific business units.

BU – Training

Sifarma, in the Milan office, has an internal training center where theoretical and practical professional courses are held for all relevant brands.

Each week, according to a calendar defined every six months, training /uptodate courses are held on the different types of products by our internal trainers. Furthermore, in the area, a team of beauty consultants and beauty coaches regularly visit the clients on specific requests to train and update them. Treatment days are also organized at the points of sale to make the products known to our consumers and promote sell-out

BU – Logistics, Warehouse management and Service provision

Sifarma manages proprietary brands and distributed brands, taking care of all aspects of the importation process of brands distributed. 

Product holding and storage:
Due to their nature and to preserve their characteristics, the various cosmetic products need, especially in storage, a hygienically suitable and temperature-controlled environment. The holding and storage area is in a controlled warehouse at a temperature of 8° / 25° (1,500 square meters, 1200 pallets)

Order processing:
16,000 orders are currently processed per year, delivered within five working days, thanks to the fully computerized system which, at any given time, allows orders to be received via e-mail and provides monitoring of the warehouse.

BU – Sales team

We have Three sales teams dedicated to three Sifarma sales channels:

  • Professional-Beauty -Aesthetics Channel
  • Selective Perfumery
  • Dermatology-Pharmacy

BU – Information Technology

Sifarma has a young and dynamic I.T. department that continually takes advantage of new opportunities for technological development.

The technical staff’s experience and training also allow for the development of web-oriented solutions created specifically for users in its design, development, and integration.

BU – Web services

Sifarma offers its brands the most advanced web services:

  • Creation of an ad hoc website
  • Creation of social profiles that are populated with content for the brand’s targets and monitored to involve the digital community with the values and proposals of the brand.
  • Development of dedicated trade apps as well as for the final client
  • Online communication such as DEM and interactive advertising

BU – Marketing

The marketing team is always present in the brand management process, taking care to create a direct relationship with Trade to which they dedicate specific projects and tools to support brand awareness and product sales.