A new product to restores the complexion’s radiance & improves skin quality.

To apply daily in the morning and/or evening as a primer to a perfectly cleansed face before your usual cream.

it’s a miraculous superfruit duo who boosts the skin’s natural defences to protect it against daily aggressions and it stimulates cellular energy to restore the complexion’s radiance

Rich in vitamin C, it has a genuine antioxidant effect by neutralising the free radicals responsible for a dull complexion to awaken the complexion’s glow.

Glycolic acid is a real ally for improving the skin’s texture and appearance. By means of its keratolytic action, it stimulates the skin’s cell renewal process to reveal new, smoother and radiant skin.

An ultra-fresh, light gel-in-water that melts into the skin and is instantly absorbed to assist with the application of subsequent skincare. Fluid yet slightly gel-like, it can be applied with the fingers or cotton wool. The fruity fragrance of the My Payot range, with notes of melon, peach and white musk.