Women realise that whatever they do, their skin will lose 6% of its thickness every 10 years, so it is no longer a question of fighting ageing but rather enhancing it, while taking ownership of the phenomenon of ageing itself.

Women no longer want products that are ANTI-WRINKLE or ANTI- other signs of ageing.

Women want to accompany their growing number of years with skincare that supports “longevity”, with “experience-enhancing” and highly sensorial products, in order to feel better about ageing.

Payot’s global anti-ageing line is based on the “pro age” philosophy, with a sincere and positive message. A sophisticated experience with luxurious textures and high-end packaging. Now Payot inject 4 new products to complete the offer.

SUPRÊME JEUNESSE LE SÉRUM: with micropearls is the ultimate youth care. It contains an oligopeptide who reactivates communication between the cells. Its skin-friendly micropearls texture is patented: a unique MICRO-OIL BUBBLE formulation, combining an instant moisturising and fresh effect with the velvety feel and comfort of a serum

SUPRÊME JEUNESSE LE SOIN PRO-ÂGE: fortifying global youth cream for women aged over 60. It contains Black Orchid Extract (restores strength and comfort) and nourishing ceramides. Its ultra-rich and comfortable texture to instantly comfort the most mature skin.

SUPRÊME JEUNESSE LE MASQUE: illuminating global youth care. The luxurious youth treatment infused with Moonstone that provides a relaxing effect for the skin. Its delicate brush application makes for a sophisticated and relaxing experience.

SUPRÊME JEUNESSE LES MAINS: a global youth nourishing hand care enhancing youth care for the hands and nails. It contains Pea Extract (to diminishes brown spots) and Vitamin C (to compensates for skin deficiencies). Its texture is sophisticated, non-sticky and it assures a velvety finish.